Bonded by common influences during high school, Azrul and Omar from Shah Alam have worked together on several projects playing small shows around town. Even had a band together that mostly played heavy rock before the members parted ways. This sparked an idea for Azrul and Omar to continue pursuing music that would eventually lead to the formation of Jaggfuzzbeats in 2014.

Having Kings of Leon as one of their many inspirations drove them to embark on a similar soundscape. Dabbling with jangly guitar licks, foot-tapping drum patterns and country drawl they gleefully embraced this growth on their SoundCloud where they recorded and produced in Azrul’s bedroom.

Kicking off with their debut track “Hours”, Jaggfuzzbeats were actively putting out new tracks to engage with their listeners and even participated in various open-mics. At this point in time, Jaggfuzzbeats were no longer strangers in the ever-growing local music scene.

With the help of Melodiya Recordings, they were able to go into the studio to give new life to the tracks they released on their Soundcloud. These tracks would ultimately be a part of their debut album “Rest Now” released in 2017.

In 2019, Jaggfuzzbeats returns with ‘In Time’, three years since they released their debut album. Accompanied by compelling visuals for each track to tell its own stories, this would ultimately build up to the release of their EP, ‘Subtle Shift’ in 2021 where they dive into a grittier and textured soundscape inspired by the 90’s rock era.

Shot by Transhallow